urbanbubble lettings is a property expert recognised by national association bodies. We have developed a strategy that sets us apart from the rest and lets us provide a holistic service with a first class customer experience.

We care for our tenants and always ensure tenants reside in quality accommodation where they are satisfied on all levels.

Through our full management service operating from our Manchester City Centre office, we ensure maintenance issues and apartment’s cleanliness are at a high standard to exceed tenants’ expectations. Tenants will get a designated Property Manager who will ensure their needs are met.

At urbanbubble lettings, we appreciate that developments and their residents have different needs, requirements and ideas on the running of their homes. This is where our strategy sets us apart. We produce a bespoke property management solution; property and maintenance plans, property assessments and maintenance management. We pride ourselves on delivering high standards for less than our competitors.

We have devised a service that delivers a digital experience to market your home with the best strategies using the latest technologies, making your experience stress-free from start to finish. We have not taken the traditional agency approach and have instead gone digital, we have invested in state-of-the-art technology to market your property and maximise its exposure to the right target audience.

We’re passionate about marketing and do it well. We encourage both digital and traditional marketing; emails, website features, third party databases, unique sign boards, digital display screens, flyers and lots more.

Request A Valuation

Allow our experienced team to assess your property by completing this valuation form or contact one of our friendly team members at our city centre office.

At urbanbubble lettings we pride ourselves with our industry knowledge; over 20 years experience in lettings and our unrivalled service.

Our holistic service allows us to let and manage your property to the highest standard so you can be reassured that your home is in the safe hands of our specialist teams.

urbanbubble  lettings dedicated property team are either AIRPM or IRPM qualified and benefit from regular training. We understand that regular communication is mandatory to keep all parties involved, updated with present and future occurrences. For this reason, we have heavily invested in state-of-the-art technology to create two portals; one for residents to view key property information, important contact details and to report any faults, and one for landlords to access statements and invoices, make online payments, view important documents, view and raise maintenance requests plus lots more.